2009/ 2008 quilts

The first finished quilt for 2008 was this crib quilt for Brennan.  Hand quilted.
I thought the cloud print fabric would be perfect for a background for the airplanes.
What I didn't think about was that the clouds would be going upside down and sideways once the fabric was cut and pieced into the airplane blocks!

My favorite thing about this quilt was the fabric I used for the backing. Neat looking planes and it coordinated so well with the colors of the airplane blocks on the quilt. 


A crib quilt for Tessa. Sort of my own design. Not the best color choices, though!

This one was hand quilted.


Here we have a hand quilted crib quilt for Samantha.  This was my own design, too...experimenting with not using such bright colors...trying for a soft feminine look.


Last quilt for the year was this crib quilt for Hope.  I really had intended for the border to be purple, but didn't have enough purple fabric. I think it would have framed it up so much nicer.   
Hand quilted.


For 2009 I only have the crib quilt for Ava, to show.  Put on your sunglasses to look at this one!

I will start by showing this dog fabric that  I wanted to use in this quilt. Cute, right?  But I didn't have very much of it, so I started digging out scraps to go with it.

Here is what I came up with!  It actually looks better if you let your eyes go out of focus, ha ha.

I used up some leftovers on the back...

I guess I figured I needed to take a break from quilting after that one!

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