2011 quilts

A big utility quilt....for my younger son, the Sasquatch.  He likes to cover up from head to toe so I made it 9 feet long by 7 feet wide.  The blocks are made from chamois shirts. I cut the good parts of the shirts out in chunks and attached them together with some gray flannel.  No pattern or order...just assembling chunks to make 12" blocks.  It was for warmth more than beauty, but I kinda like the way it looks.

I used a wool batting inside and flannel on the back. Soft and cozy. 

For the quilting, I did big stitch quilting by hand, using size 5 perle cotton.  It went through the layers easily.


It was a busy year for making baby quilts...starting with this Log Cabin quilt for Lucy.

It is crib sized. I and quilted it with diagonal lines and some curves in the border.

 It is one of my most favorite quilts of the ones I have made. I just like those bright,bright colors!


 Next, a crib quilt for Camden.

This one was hand quilted with diagonal lines. Not a lot of quilting because I had to get started on the next baby quilt!
Here is a glimpse of the backing fabric...

This one was one of my favorites too!


Here is a crib quilt for Stella. This pattern is named "Jewel Box"

This is a good pattern for using small sections of leftover fabric.

It is hand quilted. I used a solid yellow on the back.This was before I learned that a printed back will hide any stitches that aren't that great looking.  Oh well, it looks okay from here! Well maybe a little puffy.


Next is a hand quilted Bow Tie quilt for Anna.

 Here is a closer look at the quilting.

Anna's parents didn't want to know ahead of time if they were having a boy or a girl...so I tried to make this quilt gender neutral.

Anna has an older sister, Audrey, and I made her this little raw edge applique doll quilt and sent it along in a gift bag.

It was about 16" x 20".  Audrey was happy to get it.


I liked that little doll quilt above so much that I went for a similar look with this next crib quilt for Alison.
The same colors but sewn together rather than appliqued. It was quick to put together.

I hand quilted it with these enormous Baptist Fans. Alison arrived earlier than I expected and I had to hurry to get this one done!

Babies kept on coming! Next I finished this crib quilt for Morgan (a baby girl).  You see that there are 2 kinds of blocks in this quilt? Generally it looks better in these cases to finish the quilt with the same type of blocks in all the corners.  I couldn't do it in this case or it would have been either too small or too big. 
I think it looks okay anyway - and it's for a baby...not in a competition.

This quilt was also hand quilted with those big Baptist Fans.


This quilt was for baby Chloe.  I started out with the Saggy Baggy Elephant fabric, but just could not find other pink fabrics that looked right with it.  It has a sort of a peachy pink in it...really clashing with other pinks. That left me with red, white and gray to use with it.

The blocks with the  criss cross design are called "The Arrowhead".  I thought the elephant fabric was so cute, I wanted to leave it in larger pieces.   This one was hand qulted too.

Here is a close up of those elephants and the red stripe binding.


The last quilt of the year was for baby Wolfgang. The tilted blocks pattern was free online and I just made up the border design to use some small pieces that were left over.

The light blue background is actually a seersucker fabric. It was an experiment and I learned it's not the best for making quilts but it did add some nice texture and interest.

Whew! For me, that was a lot of quilts in one year...even though they were small ones.

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