2012 quilts

This Bug Jar quilt was for baby Zerek, I chose this theme because both of his parents are interested in unusual pets...like snakes and lizards, so it seemed like a good fit to make this quilt with a collection of critters in jars.

 The lucky thing is...that a group of  quilters on an online message board were swapping bug fabrics..so I sent in 20 squares of ladybug fabric...and got back a nice variety.

another view

This is before I started machine quilting so this one is hand quilted. It's about 42" x 60"...big enough to use for several years.

cute fabrics


I had finally caught up on making baby quilts and the rest of 2012 was spent working on the quilt I finished in 2013 for Jason. I hand quilted it as well, so it took months.

I did make a couple of tote bags...

this one is called a Mondo Bag...

and this one was for a Christmas swap at my quilting group...


And, I spent quite a bit of time sewing these blocks. They were a "block of the month" that my quilt group was doing.  It was hard for me and I got behind and couldn't catch up! I have a lot more blocks to make.

I still have the instructions and fabrics set aside. I will get back to it, and I think my skills have improved since then and it will be easier now.

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