2013 quilts

Crib Quilt for Sam.
I made this with a kit from Connecting Threads.
 The fabrics were all included in the kit except for the cute robot print fabric I used for the backing.

The robot is appliqued on by machine.

This is  the first quilt I machine quilted.  There was a lot of ripping out of stitches and redoing!


Crib Quilt for Kennedy (a baby girl).
The "twister" center section was made in a class one time, but then I didn't know what to use it for... until I had the idea for this little quilt.

The "confetti" squares scattered around the quilt were leftovers from cutting the twister part.
 I backed them with fusible interfacing and machine appliqued to the top.

This is  the first time I tried scalloped edges.
 It was not hard at all with an adjustable template.
Machine quilted.

Crib quilt for Peyton (a baby girl)
It looks like pink in the "nine patch"  squares but it is really a red floral.  Originally I made a whole bunch of those for a different pattern I was going to use. I decided I didn't like that pattern, after all...but I still wanted to use my "nine patch" blocks...so I looked around online and saw a picture of a quilt similar to this.
No pattern to go by, though, so I did a lot of calculating and wrinkling my forehead and got the measurements figured out. Machine quilted.


"Crazy 9 Patch" Quilt for Jason.

This Pattern came from the book, "Stash Buster Quilts" by Lynne Edwards.
It is a type of stack and whack block..fun to do.  The orange plaid fabric is cut from one of Jason's shirts.
This one was hand quilted, so from start to finish took over a year.
 Nice and big for a couch snuggling quilt at 76" x 87".


The pattern for this quilt was online - free. I made it for a baby quilt, but after it was finished I selfishly decided to keep it.
Besides, I used a homespun for the backing and it seems a little scratchy. Don't want to irritate baby's skin,hee hee!
Piecing this quilt together was a little tricky.  The ears are loose...like flaps, and are sewn from fleece. They eyes and nose are also fleece...appliqued on by machine.


And here is a crib quilt for Annabel.  It's about 40" x 56".  I believe these blocks are called "Hourglass".

I machine quilted this one with a swirly design.

This shows the quilting a little better and you can also see the cute backing I found for it.

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