Tuesday, February 28, 2017

tree trimmers

 We had a tree company to trim up some Maple tree branches that were overhanging and touching our roof.   It was a local company that we hadn't used before but I would highly recommend them...Blankenship Tree Service.
It's family owned and there were 3 generations there to do the job. The grandfather, who started the company, his son, who is a certified arborist, and 3 adult grandsons.

They did most of the work from a cherry picker truck, lowering the cut branches with ropes. They had to take quite a bit off - the limbs hanging over the roof and also an equal amount from the opposite side to keep the tree looking balanced.

Then the grandsons climbed up and "cabled" three of the larger limbs together, for less movement in strong winds. 

Next, they moved the truck to trim some Sassafras trees behind the pool house.

Mike, the son, was very skilled at getting the bucket just where he wanted it.
That's grandfather, Earl, at the other end of the rope on the ground.

They were fast and efficient and cleared away all the branches. 

They even used a blower to clear sawdust off the roof and walkways.

I think when summer gets here we might notice that we have a little less shade but it had to be done to prevent damage to the roof and danger from falling limbs.

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