Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lonnie and sons

Lonnie's son, Victor, invited him for a day trip on the day before Fathers Day.

Vic is a real history buff and also interested in his ancestry.   He has recently been digging around in county records around Bowling Green trying to find out more about Lonnie's family tree.

He found mention of a cemetery where Lonnie's great-great grandfather was buried, but no one seemed to know exactly where the small cemetery was.

Through a series of coincidences, talking to locals, driving around and slowing down to look at a hen turkey near the road, Vic noticed a farmer bush hogging a field but leaving an area untouched.
He got out of the truck and walked over to talk to the farmer, and sure enough, there was the cemetery, hidden in a patch of weeds!

Vic phoned Lonnie and arranged the trip to go back down there.  Lonnie's other son, Chris, and grandson, Dylan also went along.

Here it is...Hopewell Church Cemetery. Pretty neglected.

Vic took along his trimmer and some pruners to do some clearing. I'm not sure how he got inside the fence...look at all those spikes along the top!

The great-great grandfather was buried inside the iron fence along with a daughter who died in her teen years.  For some reason, his wife was buried outside the fence!

Lonnie at the grave site of his great-great grandparents William (1825-1878) and Elizabeth (1829-1910) Hunt.

After that the group made a stop at another cemetery.  This is Lonnie, Vic and Chris, at the grave site of his great grandparents... John and Gamaliel Hunt.
 His grandparents are buried in this cemetery too.

One more photo to include grandson, Dylan.

Vic had another surprise...he had gotten up early that morning and baked bread, and made sandwiches with it, that he brought in a cooler with a jar of pickles he had made as well.
A nice picnic lunch.

Lonnie couldn't have asked for a better day with his sons and grandson.

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