Monday, June 26, 2017

donation quilt finished

I don't think I have shown this little quilt here yet. I put it together back in late winter and it's been folded up in the sewing room waiting for me to put a binding on it.

 I had to put the walking foot on my machine to bind the Sailboat quilt (and the Ninja quilt), so I took the opportunity to go ahead and finish this one first.

The pieced blocks were from an abandoned project I started working on several years ago. Set on the diagonal with the solid blocks, it makes a good size for a donation quilt. Organizations usually ask that the quilts be lap sized...not too big to handle and wash.

(In the foreground here you see my Purple Smoke Tree. It has recovered nicely after caterpillars stripped it bare last month)

When I originally made the blocks, I was using the book below. I was going to precisely follow the instructions for all 12 blocks in the book...hoping to correct any bad habits I had picked up from being a self-taught quilter.  
Instead I developed a new bad habit...not finishing what I started on!   But, someday I will make a sampler quilt like this...but with a different color scheme.

I did try a slightly different method for sewing on binding. This time I sewed it to the front, pinned it to the back, and did a "stitch in the ditch" on the front...catching the back edge in with the stitches.


Well, I mostly caught that edge...ran off the road in some areas and had to rip and re-do. Here's a good spot to show you.


For the quilt backing, I used more of the same fabrics.

Hey, perfect size for the swing!

It looks sort of ready for Independence Day...mostly red,white, and blue!

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