Monday, July 3, 2017

catalpa worms and outdoor stuff

I have written about Catalpa worms here before and to this day, there have more visits to those blog posts than any other pages I've posted.

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This time it's a little different.  This is the first year my own Catalpa tree has attracted Sphinx moths to lay eggs on the leaves.   Now I have a multitude of small Catalpa worms!

Let the leaf munching begin!

These must be the older cousins...larger but not quite adults.

This is how the tree looks now. I'll show another photo once the worms have moved on. It doesn't hurt the tree and it's an interesting cycle to observe.

I grew this tree from a seed off  The Sasquatch's Catalpa's the one I have shown in the previous posts.  
This one will make a beautiful shade tree in a few years.

I couldn't resist starting another one this spring.  Not sure where I will plant it, but I'll move it up to a bigger pot for now while I am deciding.

Also around the yard...
I saw this tortoise one morning after a rain,  He was so shiny he looked like he had been through a car wash!

Back in May, Bullitt County Soil Conservation was giving away free tree seedlings.
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They had several kinds. I asked for 2 Pawpaw trees and they gave me about half a dozen.
At that time they were leafless and dormant...dead looking really.

I planted two in the field and the rest in the woods.  The ones in the field are doing great and the good thing is - deer don't seem to bother them.
Pretty leaves!

I haven't checked on the ones in the woods. It may be too shady there for them to get a good start.

If they have the give-away next year I'm going to get there early and get some Persimmon trees. They had ran out of them this year.

Our gardens are doing good.  Lonnie's on the left...full of tomato  plants.  What will we he do with all those tomatoes?

I planted zucchini, eggplant, and Armenian cucumbers...and grape tomatoes.

The zucchini blooms are the most beautiful perfect yellow.  I'd like to paint my kitchen this color..."squash blossom yellow"!

Some nice blooms on the Russian Sage out by  the driveway.   Oops...someone keeps knocking her rock border apart with the riding mower.

I should have photoed these Hostas last week...the blooms are a bit past their prime today.

Well, I can't show any other flower beds right now - they are much too weedy and I'm inside in the A/C!

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  1. Tomatoes dry pretty good. Squash tastes good enough to eat as a snack when dry. Both save about 80% on space when dried.