Tuesday, July 11, 2017

ninja crib quilt finished

I finished adding the binding to the ninja quilt.

No, it's not a quilt for a Ninja...it's a quilt with ninja print fabric.

As I mentioned here before, I only had a small amount of that fabric so I had to do some figuring to get it spread evenly around the quilt...and I wanted to keep the design simple, so the fabric would be the focal point.

It measures roughly 41" x 50".   Not sure who this one will go to yet.  There are a couple of babies due to arrive before the end of the year.

Might as well add a photo of it on the swing too.
One of the other fabrics is a print with Japanese letters/characters on it.  I'm curious if it actually says or spells anything.  If so, I hope it's something nice!

This may seem like sort of a strange choice for backing...a nautical print.  I had pulled it from my stash for the sail boat quilt and noticed the colors would work good with this quilt too.
I had enough for both quilts with about 6 inches left over.

A different theme altogether but it will give some wee toddler a lot to look at.  I could even see using it for a matching game...for example asking the toddler to "find another lighthouse like this one"

Now, to get the binding on the sail boat quilt...then back to work on my main quilt project.

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