Thursday, April 23, 2015

Granny's granny squares

This Granny Square afghan was crocheted by my mother's mother, Aurora Ersel S.
She crocheted it about mid 1960's. I remember thinking how beautiful it was when she made it.

 I am guessing it was a kit, because all the colors seem to be the same type of yarn.
I brought it home from my mother's house to re-sew some areas where the thread that attaches the squares together had broken or come loose (regular sewing thread).

It's kind of an honor to work on her project and get it back in good shape. 
She taught me to crochet when I was about nine.  I am afraid I was an impatient student and once I had the basic idea I just wanted to crochet ! I never learned to hold my yarn exactly right and didn't even recognize that "neatness counts".  

Here is a close up of one of her squares...nice even, tidy stitches.

In the early 1970's she crocheted shawls for her daughters and granddaughters...and then decided to make us all an afghan as well.  She bought a couple of kits and then made others from the same pattern...but we each got to choose our own colors.

I chose pink, blue and purple...

I still like that combination and to me it looks fresh and modern even though it's 40 years old.

this looks complicated!

I still have the instruction sheet that my Granny gave me from one of the kits. 

There are instructions for three different crocheted  afghans on the back..  Even though there are plenty of free patterns on  the internet, it would be fun use these instructions to crochet an afghan one of these days.

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