Tuesday, April 14, 2015

let's talk tuna

It seems like the quality of canned tuna keeps going down hill.

The chunk tuna that I used to use all of the time got to where it was just tuna shreds floating in water..so I switched to Albacore tuna. After awhile the quality seemed to drop on that as well.
The tuna in pouches is nice but so much more expensive.

I tried ordering this Genova Tonno tuna from Amazon...it's good!

It comes in a 24 can pack. It has a long shelf life so it's a good thing to stock up on...something to have on hand in case you get snowed in...or if the electric is out and you can't cook anything.

You can actually see nice meaty tuna when you open the can.

One drawback is that it's packed in oil (Olive oil). But of course you can drain most of that off  to get rid of some fat and calories. 

The first time I ordered this tuna, three of the cans were deeply dented. I notified Amazon and they gave me a refund on the dented cans.  My next order arrived in good shape, so that first one must have been roughly handled.

Well, time to make tuna salad...with chopped dill pickles and eggs and Miracle Whip.

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