Monday, April 6, 2015

rain rain...go away!

Lots of rain late last week!   My rain gauge in the picture below is showing four and a half inches!  Water was standing in the yard and we were starting to see a little seeping in around the basement walls.

Out front, near the road, a lot of mulch washed out of the flowerbed and ended up in the ditch.

The next day we noticed a dead tree had fallen back in the field. I asked Lonnie to get in the photo so you can see how big the tree was. It has been dead for awhile and the roots were rotten. 

My Hyacinths are blooming but the rain weighed them down and they aren't springing back

The smaller Grape Hyacinths are still perky looking though.

The grass turned green practically overnight. It's about time to get the lawn mower out.
I am sort of looking forward to that!

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