Saturday, April 18, 2015

my new toy

Actually it's only new to me!  It's a Singer 221 Featherweight sewing machine...manufactured in 1948.

Ever since I started quilting, I have noticed a few quilters using these as their portable machine to take for classes and group sewing days.  
It really is a light weight machine..only eleven pounds. It's very small.  So cute!

After seeing stuff on the internet from quilters who love and praise these little antique machines, I started looking up more information on them.  The Singer Company produced over 3 million of them from 1933 to it's not hard to find one...especially when you look on ebay...and it's late at night and your husband is out of town.  It's so easy to click that "Buy it Now" button!

It's perfect for doing patchwork because it only does a straight stitch, and the stitches are neat and perfect!

The foot pedal almost looks like it's missing something, maybe a cover? But it works fine.

This machine came with it's carrying/storage case and a couple of feet and plenty of bobbins.  Also some spools of thread were in there.

There wasn't a manual with it, but I easily found it on the internet and just printed it out.

I needed it for the threading instructions. I was surprised that the needle gets threaded from right to left. I think every other machine I've used it's left to right, so I assumed all were like that.

It's going to take some getting used to, so I'm going to be using it to finish up some blocks for a baby quilt...all the while imagining who else has sewn with this machine through the years and what they might have made.


  1. Atta girl Darla !!!! How easy it is to just "Buy It NOW" !! Don't you just love that button. CONGRATULATIONS on the new baby, have fun, enjoy and sew up a do such good work I know this one will be put to very good I've got to work on getting hubby to leave overnite, so I can shop toooooo!! HUGS Diane K

  2. Diane, thanks! That "Buy it Now" seems like it's just daring me to click it. My finger hovers, then pulls back...then I clench my teeth and's a done deal!

    You should definitely get a Featherweight (if you don't already have one).
    Just tell your husband "of course this isn't a NEW machine". Hee hee!