Monday, April 13, 2015

not again!

Below, you will see a picture of a broken mower belt...

When it finally quit raining long enough to get the grass cut - that's what happened.

It's so ridiculous because we had the mower in the shop late last summer with a lot of work done on it.   You might think they would have noticed that this belt had nicks in it...quite a few.
 It should have been replaced then (when I ran over the water meter cover by accident and broke a different belt).
This time I didn't run over anything. It just broke.

I like mowing but I am tired of all this lawn mower bad juju.

I did get quite a bit finished, though.

Some areas were still to wet and soggy to drive that heavy mower over.  It will get stuck!

The good news is that it started right up after sitting all winter!  

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