Tuesday, April 28, 2015

hummingbirds are back

Just like last spring, I saw a hummingbird before I had the feeder up.

I was at the kitchen window Sunday and saw a male hummingbird looking around at the stuff I have planted near the lilac bush. Nothing was blooming there so he didn't linger around long.

I hurried and made some sugar water and got the feeder filled and hanging.

About two hours later...there he was. He must have been exhausted because he just perched there eating for awhile.

Can you see him? On this side of the feeder with his back to us.

It just fills me with amazement that these tiny birds migrate thousands of miles and are able to find their way back.  This bird certainly must have been here last year to feel so relaxed at this feeder so quickly.

The next day I noticed another male had shown up too. They have been chasing and dive bombing each other.  I wish they would play nice and share!

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