Thursday, April 16, 2015

what else can break?

One evening earlier this week we were watching TV when we heard a loud "POP"...then the TV went dark.
 We could still hear the sound that was a clue as to what the problem might be.

I dug out the manual for the TV and handed it to my older son, who happened to be here.  Then I went upstairs to bring down another small TV so we could see the rest of the show we were watching.

Before I even finished hooking up the small TV, Chopper had diagnosed the problem and went online and ordered the part to fix it (and paid for it - including express delivery)!

Two days later we had the part.

It is a "lamp".  It was so easy to replace...just loosen 3 screws in the back...pull the old lamp out by the handle, and plug in the new one.

I am so glad Chopper was here and realized this was fixable and inexpensive.  
We've had this TV since 2008, so we probably would have assumed it was time for a new one, since it seems like things are made to be replaced rather than repaired these days.

Look! As good as new and maybe even a bit brighter than it had been.

Back to watching more "Top Gear" on Netflix!

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