Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ticks - ick!

This is the second tick I have found crawling on me this week! Not stuck on yet...just crawling around looking for the right spot to bite.
We always have a big debate about how to get a tick off once he has really latched on.  Some people say to burn them with a match, put alcohol on them, cover with duct tape to smother them.
To me, the best and quickest way is just to grab them and pull them out.  Bam...done!

But it's a lovely time of year so we can't let the ticks make us stay inside. This is the view from my kitchen window... 

That's a dwarf apple tree blooming so pretty, and behind and to the left is another apple tree. With the wind and rain we're having the blooms won't last long.

Over to the left is a Lilac bush. It has such sweet smelling flowers...especially in the evening.

Yellow Iris are blooming, The purple ones bloom a bit later. 

And Red Tulips...for some reason they are coming up under the Filbert tree. I know I didn't plant them there. I think the squirrels move my bulbs around when I'm not looking!

See all that Creeping Charlie trying to take over that flower bed?  I have read online about ways to get rid of it. It can be a real challenge. I've just been pulling it out. Trying to get roots and all.  I will try this for awhile before I resort to trying to poison it.

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