Tuesday, November 17, 2015

can we put the lawn mowers away?

This is the second time I have mowed the backyard for the last time this year. Look how green it still is.

At least the the whole property didn't need to be mowed..it's mostly gone dormant.  
I  did run the mower over the fallen leaves to chop them up a little.

We used to have more of a problem with leaves smothering out the grass when this big sycamore tree was healthy. It has been dying out over the past several years and doesn't produce all those huge wide leaves that it used to.

I have planted a new sycamore farther back in the field to replace it. It's a disease resistant variety, planted back near the sink hole. I hope it's roots spread out to help hold the ground in place.
Well, it's not much to look at right now...

A big toad stool I noticed back there...about six inches tall...

Is it gnomes or fairies that live in toadstools?  Maybe both, but I didn't see either!

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