Tuesday, November 24, 2015

sunny but cold

Here it is, Thanksgiving week, and we had a yard full of turkeys yesterday morning.

They don't have anything to worry about here because I already have my Thanksgiving turkey defrosting in the fridge!

Later in the morning I couldn't resist working in my sewing room for a while. The sun was just streaming into the room, so bright I didn't have to turn any lights on while sewing. 

I have this much completed on the Labyrinth Walk quilt. I am finishing up the last of three blocks to make the last row...then it will get borders too. 

In the late afternoon, I was washing a window and I noticed a buck with antlers, just bounding through this field toward our house.  Well, you can't see it here...but this is how far he ran...

I thought he was coming right up in our driveway but he detoured and went across the front yard.

Of course I snapped this lousy photo right when he was near a tree branch, so you can't really see his antlers.

I wondered if someone had been shooting at him...the way he was running so far, so fast.
Those antlers make him more appealing to the hunters.

He is safe in our yard too. I definitely do not want to eat any deer!

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