Tuesday, November 10, 2015

out for a movie

When my sons were young, my husband took us all to the movies nearly every weekend.  Usually we would stop at a convenience store first to buy some candy to "sneak" into the theater.

Once inside, we sat in the same order every time...the little Sasquatch into the row of seats first, then me, then Lonnie, and then Chopper on the end.

Lonnie had a little game that he would always play while we were waiting for the movie to start. He would hand us all our ticket stubs and then say something like..."who ever has the letters PLQ and the number 8 on their ticket - automatically wins a hot fudge sundae!"

We would all look at our stubs every time, but he would always pick such an unlikely combination of numbers and letters that none of us ever actually won a sundae.
 But he did buy us plenty of sundaes and other ice creams over the years anyway.

We don't go to the movies nearly as much as we used to, but we had a gift card to use and it was a chilly rainy day, so Lonnie and I  headed to the theater.

We watched "Bridge of Spies" starring Tom Hanks.   He is such a good actor and his movies are always entertaining.
This one is based on a true story. Hanks plays an attorney who negotiates an exchange of prisoners between the US and Russia during the Cold War. 

When we paid with our gift card, we were reminded of one reason we don't go out to the movies much anymore.  Even for the afternoon matinee, the price was $9 each....about the same price for a whole month of unlimited Netflix movies.

It is nice to watch a movie on the big screen...but whew, that's pricey!

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