Saturday, November 28, 2015

how I spent Black Friday

By 10:00 am in the morning on Black Friday I had a major portion of my Christmas gift shopping finished!

All I had to do was meet the UPS man at the door...

Actually I did go out to the truck to help carry a few things in while he was rummaging around for the rest of them. His truck was jam-packed, so I am not the only one staying away from the stores and crowds.
  So much nicer to shop online, compare products and prices and have your merchandise brought to your house!

Goodbye Santa in a brown uniform!  You don't know it yet, but I have more stuff on order!

Instead of trudging from store to store, I used the time to do some sewing.  
I took a break from working on the Labyrinth quilt to sew up these two little barn quilt blocks (except they are houses).

 I had the one on the left finished but I kept thinking I didn't like it.
 I finally realized it was because of the fabric I had used for the was a light turquoise blue...pretty, but never a good color for the sky.  After I  ripped it out and used the blue with snow flurries, I liked it a lot better.

Next sewing session I will be back to sewing the Labyrinth quilt. I am ready to add the borders now.

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