Saturday, November 21, 2015

machine maintenance

I have been sewing with my 1948 Singer 221 since about April...mostly just when I go to quilt group sewing and a few times out on the porch.

I had intended to clean and oil it before I even began using it, but it seemed to run fine so I kept putting it off...until now.

Fortunately, I found a website with photo instructions on proper oiling. It's a good thing, because I would have never located all the oil holes without it.

So here I am with the machine on an old towel and the website handy in the background.

First a few oil holes in the top...

When I swung the top plate open, I found some icky dirty old grease in there. Cleaned that out.

Removed the side panel...

The website sail to put a drop of oil any place where metal rubs metal.  

One drop on the bobbin race...

Also removed the bottom cover to get to several oil holes under there. I need an oil bottle with the little tube on it. It's hard to get to some areas with this little stubby one.

There is something in the manual about grease tubes in the electric motor that have to be replenished occasionally - but  I need to look into that a little more.

So it's all back together and working perfectly.

That's pretty darn good for a 67 year old!     

The machine, that is!   Not me!!

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