Friday, February 19, 2016

a frosty morn

Everything was coated with a heavy frost yesterday morning. As the sun rose, it lit up the landscape and everything was glowing white.

Wild grasses in the field...

Blackberry briers....

The dried leaves on the butterfly bush looked like they were sugar coated.
 The birdbath like a miniature ice skating rink.

 I'm seeing the white skeletons of the plants that will be budding out with green leaves in a few weeks.

The contorted filbert develops these catkins  in late winter.... 

They will drop off when leaves start to appear.

Here is a welcome bit of green...under the filbert tree, so somewhat protected...brave daffodils are emerging to check the weather.

The daylight hours are getting noticeably longer!  
A friend told me she had started some flower seeds indoors!
Our weekend forecast is for temperatures over 60 degrees!

Surely these are signs that spring is just around the corner!

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