Monday, February 15, 2016

lazy Sunday

These Sadler's beef briskets from Sam's are always good. I buy them a couple of times a year to have for Sunday dinner.
It's easy to prepare...already cooked  and sliced, so basically just needs to be heated through.
Everyone in my family likes it.
You can serve about anything with it...salads and baked beans in the summer, or heartier hot side dishes and veggies in the winter.

It would be a good no-stress main dish to serve when guests are coming ,too.

Our Sunday dinner was Sadler's brisket, pinto beans with ham, mini corn muffins, green beans with red potatoes, and jalapeno cheese grits.

Dessert was chocolate cake with peppermint icing (from a mix), and vanilla ice cream.
(you have to have some chocolate on Valentines Day!)

 We spent the afternoon talking in the front room and watching lovely, fluffy snowflakes falling...thinking it was just blowing and drifting around...not realizing the roads were getting treacherous!

When Chopper and the Sasquatch left, they found the road was blocked with an accident, not far from my house. They had to take an alternate route.
The roads were slick and it was slow going. It took each of them over an hour to get to their houses (would usually be less than half an hour).

Both made it home okay, thank goodness!


  1. Made brisket yesterday before seeing this. About 15 pounds raw. Just cut the cryo pack open, cut in 4 more or less equal chunks. Left in the smoker 12 hours at 225. Last time I made one of these I'm pretty sure they were $.99/lb, this was $2.98/lb...

    1. Gosh, don't complain about $2.98! These ready to eat briskets are around $20 for 40 oz.
      Way more than double! But they're gooood! Almost a bacon-like flavor.
      You had a good day for cooking outside! Takes stuff forever to get done when it's cold.