Saturday, February 13, 2016

welcome home to us

I understand the weather around here was pretty mild last week while we were gone.
We were welcomed home by a couple of days with light snowfall.

 Pretty to look at and not enough to cause any trouble.

There were a couple of smallish deer very close up in the back yard. They decided the sedum that I have growing around the pool area is quite delicious!

You can see in the photo below...the turkeys were near by. It seems like the deer and turkeys depend on each other to be alert for danger.

We had a ton of mail to sort through when we got home...which included a cable/internet/phone bill with a huge rate increase.
They raised the price of our modem lease to $10 a I decided to go ahead and buy a modem (they don't mind) but when I went to hook it up I found the new modem has no place to hook in the phone line.
After a couple of calls to the cable company I learned that I would have to keep their modem too...but there would be no charge for it when only using it for the phone.
Also, I learned that I would now need a "splitter" and two short co-ax cables.  Thanks to my hoarding tendencies, I had all of those things in the closet!

So here is the new modem and instruction sheet...hmm, just connect 3 cords...

Oh dear! My set-up looks a bit more complicated that that!

I did manage to wrangle those cords into somewhat neater bundles...and everything worked.

And I had another nice surprise waiting for me. The Sasquatch had sharpened all my kitchen knives while he was house-sitting... 

I didn't realize how dull they were before. Now they are really sharp!

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