Friday, February 12, 2016

chicken pot pie soup

We were ready for some home cooked food when we got home from our trip.

I have been hearing and reading about chicken pot pie soup so I thought it was time to give it a try.
I looked at several different recipes and found that it's basically just pot pie filling without the crust.

No crust is a good thing...less fat and carbs...and easier to store leftovers (crust gets soggy in the fridge).

I didn't follow any one recipe...just got the general idea and used what I had on hand.

First, I simmered 4 chicken thighs until cooked through. Chopped the meat and strained the broth.

I diced half an onion and 4 stalks of celery and sauteed them in butter until tender.

Added the chicken broth and brought the temperature back to a low boil...

Next, added 3 twelve ounce bags of frozen mixed vegetables that I had preheated in the microwave...

Then added the chopped chicken, a couple spoons of chicken base paste, salt and pepper and Mrs Dash.

Then, simmered on low until the veggies were tender. Next, I mixed a couple tablespoons of flour into a cup of milk, and stirred this into the soup to thicken. No half & half in the fridge or I would have used some of that too.

I added a small amount of turmeric for color. Don't tell my husband because he does not like Indian spices.  Turmeric is said to have some health benefits though (antioxidants).

At this point, I tasted the soup and it seemed bland. I added more salt and pepper and also a splash of balsamic vinegar and some Tony Chachere's seasoning.  

Just right!

Add a few oyster crackers and it's a meal!

We both liked this soup and there is plenty left over for a couple more meals.

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