Tuesday, February 23, 2016

cast iron whatzit?

My older son, Chopper, picked up this unusual cast iron piece  and gave it to the Sasquatch to add to his collection, as a thank you for helping him haul some things.

Do you know what this is?

It's obviously a pig's head.   Weee weeee weeeeee!

Ready for the answer?    It's a souse mold!   

Here is the underside. It's like a jello mold, but intended to be used for souse...or head cheese, which is made by cooking hogs ears and tongue (sometimes the entire head) and adding gelatin and spices.

I am sure this won't be used to hold souse anytime soon, but it's a nice collector's item.
We couldn't find out much about it on the internet.  One site thought these were made in the 1960's, but another guessed it might be older...from around 1900, when souse making was more common.

It could probably be used for baking a cake or as a jello mold. Much nicer just as a decoration though.

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