Saturday, February 20, 2016

back to school

My husband signed us both up for a continuing education class called "Wisdom Based Retirement".
It's held one afternoon each week at a Bellarmine University site.

We've been to the first class and it's pretty interesting so far. It's a class about investing and handling your finances after retirement.

 The instructor is good at explaining things and also has a lot of funny comments. He encourages everyone to ask questions during the class.

One of the very best things about going to these classes is that it's about dinner time when class is over.  We would be starved if we had to drive home and wait until I could get supper cooked.
So it looks like we might have to eat out on those days (wink, wink).

This time is was Skyline Chili.  I ordered a 5-way, with their new habernero cheese...and added plenty of hot sauce. I think steam was coming out of my ears as I was finishing up!

I noticed on the Bellarmine schedule that they offer other classes that might be fun and interesting to take in the future...landscaping, digital photography, non fiction writing, and so forth.   
I will definitely keep it in mind to check their continuing education class schedule next fall.

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