Friday, February 26, 2016

pit barbecue

I have mentioned here before, that my husband really loves pit barbecue.

He is particular about it. It has to be pork...pulled pork. It has to be smoked. It has to have "outside brown" mixed in with it (this is just what it sounds like - the brown crispy layer from the outside of the smoked pork butt).

He doesn't want the sauce to be mixed in with the meat...he wants to add it himself, and the sauce must be hot enough to make sweat pop out on your forehead!

This is his favorite barbecue place in the Louisville area - Shack in the Back
The chimneys and exhaust fans, and the hunger inducing aromas when you pull into the parking lot, are all good signs that you are in for a good barbecue experience.

Inside, you order at the counter. There are only about six tables, but there is a big outdoor dining area enclosed with plastic sides for use when the weather is mild.

Our meals are here!  You see Lonnie has added some coleslaw to his sandwich and is pouring on the hot barbecue sauce.

I had the shredded beef brisket. It was good too. They have a choice of 4 or 5 sauces on the table. I used the "tangy" one.

A good place to eat...but I wish they would be more environmentally considerate.
Everything was plastic or styrofoam...the plates, the cups, containers with lids, ketchup packets. Even the utensils were the kind that comes in a cellophane wrap with a napkin and salt and pepper packets.

I guess that keeps things simple and easy for them. I just wish there were some alternatives.

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