Friday, September 23, 2016

busy days

Trying to keep my mind off of some worries and the best way to do that is to stay extra busy.

I have cleaned the fridge and freezer by taking everything out of there and washing all the shelves and reorganizing the contents. I washed the top and sides, pulled it out, vacuumed behind it...and vacuumed those impossible-to -reach coils.

I pulled a baggie of chicken thighs out of there, that weren't getting any younger, and made some chicken and broccoli soup.  No recipe...just stewed chicken, a bag of frozen broccoli, onions, carrots, celery, yellow pepper and chicken base, spices.

I worked a little on this baby quilt.  I will tell all about that later.

Found a good deal on mulch...$1.00 a bag (it's only 1 cubic foot bags - easy to handle though) It's really the wrong time of year to put it down...that's why it was cheap.  

Next, I started dragging all of the old landscape fabric out of this border.  I used to think it was the greatest way to suppress weeds. I bought rolls and rolls of the stuff. Now I realize that even though water goes through it, as the mulch on top breaks down it can't enrich the soil below...and the fabric gets pushed further into the ground.  A mess!  Spreading the new mulch as I get it cleared.

I had a nice dip in the pool. The water is a little cool but still swimable. Invigorating, really.

I may go back for more mulch while the weather is nice!

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