Wednesday, September 21, 2016

what I've been sewing

I finally finished the quilting on Barbara's donation quilt.  I have the binding ready to put on and then I will be done!

See those little thread snips laying on top of the quilt?  My friend, Isolde, gave those to me, and they are the handiest things ever.  Quick to pick up and use, nice and sharp, and they can cut a thread right down close to the fabric.  Perfect to use when machine quilting!   Thank you, Isolde!

You might remember that all of last year I was showing the "Block of the Month" progress as I made this quilt.  I finished it in February and posted photos of it here at that time.

Well, another of the ladies in my group, Barbara, has finished piecing her quilt top from the same pattern...
and look how stunning it is in these gorgeous fall colors.

It's amazing how the same pattern can look so different.  The blocks may be arranged in a different order - but it's the colors that make all the difference.
Below is Joan's quilt. She was the first to try this pattern and shared it with the group.
It's a striking color combo too.

I think there are one or two members of the group still working on their version of this quilt. I will show theirs as they finish.

There is another Block of the Month going on this year...but I've gotten behind with mine.
But I'll catch up!

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