Monday, September 26, 2016

roast beef - again

I keep a written record of my Sunday dinner I don't make the same foods too often. Some times I just look back through it to get ideas or even repeat a meal exactly.

Actually it hasn't been too long since we had roast beef, but it was so good last time, I thought my family would be ready to eat it again...and besides...the roast has been taking up a lot of freezer space!

We had roast beef, mashed red skin potatoes and gravy, Grands biscuits, creamed corn, peas and broccoli salad.

Dessert was a choice of chocolate pie or banana cream pie, topped with sweetened whipped cream.

I have quit trying to make a cooked creamy pie filling from scratch...too many disasters!
But, I have found the Jello Cook and Serve pudding mix makes a good filling that you can depend on not to turn watery. I use a half cup less milk than the pudding directions  (for the big box).

At least I made the pie crust from scratch.  I have never mastered the fancy fluted edges so my crusts aren't pretty, but my husband always tells me he likes them.

Hoping we get a good amount of rain today. I've really had to keep an eye on the plants I've planted this year to make sure they don't dry out. A lot of water bucket carrying!

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  1. Sounded so good I got a chuck roast. Picked out one with a nice fat rind to there will be tallow Yorkshire puddings. Thinking about the ham in the basement... Maybe try using ham grease for York Holler Puddin'...