Friday, September 2, 2016

Michigan trip - part 2

When you are in Wisconsin, the first thing to do is to find a dairy and buy some cheese!  So when we got off the ferry we headed to Pine River Dairy.  Their retail store wasn't huge but they had every kind of cheese you could think of...and 25 cent ice cream cones!
We picked out a few different cheeses and packed them in a small cooler we had brought along just for this purpose.  Easy to replenish the ice each evening at our hotels.

There  was a Maritime museum in nearly every town that we passed through, but when we were doing our trip planning, this one in Manitowoc sounded best...the Wisconsin Maritime Museum.

Here is Lonnie standing in front of the restored WWII submarine we took a tour of there...the USS Cobia.

This is the other end of's long!

But it's still very close quarters on the inside...

The toilet!....

The officer's eating area.....

Our tour guide was really good at describing what it must have been like for those young men who spent their time in the submarine during the war...and he was very knowledgeable about the technical details that some of the men on the tour asked about.  

It was the best part of the museum, although it was all very educational.

This photo was supposed to look like I'm sailing a sailboat...but the steps are a dead give-away.

Back in the car we continued heading north and spent the night on the north side of Green Bay.
We were too tired to try and decide on a restaurant to eat we just bought some grocery store packaged salads to eat in our room...with some slices of our newly purchased cheese.

The next day we crossed in to the upper peninsula of Michigan. Originally we had planned to circle around the top of Lake Michigan, but when we saw on the map how close we were to Lake Superior, we detoured up to Marquette, the starting point of a scenic Lake Superior shoreline drive.

Marquette was another of those attractive touristy towns.  They have this historic old structure in their harbor....

It's called a "pocket dock" and was built in 1931 for the purpose of loading iron ore pellets from train cars on to boats. It's no longer in use today.

Along the road we saw more pull-outs...places to park near the beaches.

There's a path...I'm going down to put my feet in!

A nice way to remember a birthday...with my feet in Lake Superior for the first time ever!

At the other end of the scenic drive was the town of Munising.  A couple of people had told us to be sure to take a boat tour there that passes along a side of the lake with colorful cliffs and rock formations. 
Unfortunately, the sunset cruise was sold out when we got we decided to stop for the night and take the first tour in the morning.

Meanwhile, there was plenty of daylight left and time to look around the area. There were several waterfalls that one could walk/hike to.  We chose an easier one that had a nice paved path back to it.

Prettier in person of course.

A lovely trail along the way, too...following the stream below the falls.
Trying to get a photo of the mossy bank behind us....

We spent the rest of the evening watching the sun set at a waterfront park.  

So pretty and peaceful.   That boat on the right is the one we went out on the next morning for the tour. 

The rest of the trip tomorrow!


  1. The pastie looks pretty good. The extra gravy seems a good idea too, I like my stuff kind of sloppy. The smoked fish sounds tasty too. I bet some of that spreadable creamcheese would pair good with than and about anything you wanted to use as a carrier, crackers, toasted pita points, bagel chips... I have some salmon filets in the freezer but haven't applied myself yet...

    1. The pastie was good. If I made one at home, I would leave out most of the potatoes and use other veggies instead.

      The smoked fish was my favorite. I wish I would have brought extra to bring home... it had about a 2 week shelf life.
      Too expensive to have shipped!