Wednesday, September 7, 2016

what I've been reading

Actually, this is what is being read to me.  

I heard about an app called "Hoopla", that lets you borrow digital copies of books, audio books, and movies online, for free.
You sign up with the app using your library card info from your local library.
It really is easy and they have a nice selection to choose from.

The audio books work great for me... I can plug my headphones into my tablet and listen when I ride my exercise bike.  If the book is really good it makes me look forward to hopping on the bike to find out what happens next!

So this latest book is "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up", by Marie Kondo.

I had seen and heard a lot about this book and how it's been beneficial in helping people get their homes and lives organized, so I was looking forward to "reading" it.

It is inspiring and full of good advice, some of it very helpful.

The very best thing I got from the book was " let go of things which have already served their purpose".   That means even if the item's only purpose has been to give you pleasure when you bought it.

That's something I have a problem with.  I see things as needing to be held on to...just in case they can serve some purpose in the future.  This book is helping me to look at items more realistically to see if it really is something worth saving and storing.

Sometimes, the author is a little "out there" suggesting that we should thank our clothes each day and also thank items we are getting rid of.  That seems weird to me, but I guess it would make one more conscious and appreciative of things they already have.

I won't be following all of her the idea that in order to sort through our clothes, we must bring every article of clothing into one room and put it on the floor.
Sheesh, if I did that it would be piled in there for months!

And, no matter how nicely you get your things organized - you have to have a lot of self discipline to keep them that way.

It's a good book to get yourself motivated for cleaning...about the same as watching an episode of "Hoarders" but Ms Kondo gives you some help in how to handle the hoard.

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