Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Homemakers luncheon

It was the annual gathering for all the Homemaker groups at the extension office for the next year's "kick-off".

One of the events of the day is a silent auction. Homemakers bring an item to donate if they wish, and the money collected goes to a charitable cause.  This year the funds are going to help ladies in Ghana learn to sew, to help support themselves and their families. (I think to purchase a sewing machine for classes there too.)

You just write your name and bid amount on the papers. 
 A lot of the donated items were hand made. I just took a Tupperware divided server that I've never used. It was as big as a spaceship and would have taken up all the space in my fridge.

I placeda bid on that brown fabric pumpkin of the left but didn't win.

Also on this blue woven pillow that my friend Linda made. I was out-bid on that too...so I went home empty handed.

The meeting is ready to start...

 Finally...time to break for lunch! Everyone brought a dish for a potluck meal.

I brought a pasta salad...and so did a bunch of other people.  I guess everyone thinks of it because it holds up well and tastes good at room temperature.  

The tables were groaning with every type of casserole and salad imaginable....

Pretty fruit tray at the end!

But wait!  That's not the end...there is an entire dessert table!

A bit more business and a few announcements. Dues were collected and we received our handbook for the year.
Something new this year is monthly painting classes. Sounds interesting...I'm  going to find out more about it!

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