Tuesday, September 20, 2016

family fish fry

My parents held their annual family Fish Fry just before we left for vacation last month so I never did get to talk about it here.  Well, it's not too late!

They have been having the fish fry for at least 17 years. No one can remember exactly what year it started.  There aren't a whole lot of us, so usually everyone tries to be at the gathering...and besides - the food is good!

I'll show you......
Hey, let me in there for a photo!

Maybe from this side.  Look at that golden crispy fish, home grown tomatoes, slaw, salads, corn on the cob, chips and baked beans.

My Dad fries the fish just outside the garage. Tables are inside, and all the food is set up on the work bench. Here is my very energetic brother, he was eating standing up.

There's Lonnie and my Dad...waiting in the food line

There is my other brother and his Sweetie.

There were more family members but a lot of my photos were blurry or eyes closed. 

And even though there were several desserts I got this special one...a doughnut with birthday candles.
It was my Dad's little joke...it's because way back on my fourth birthday, he had teased me a little...telling me that my birthday cake would be a doughnut with candles in it. I just barely remember it but apparently I got really mad and insulted.  It became one of those "family stories".

But, four-year-old-me actually got a big decorated birthday cake that year. I was all smiles at the time...and also last month when I got the doughnut with candles!

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