Thursday, October 30, 2014

a trip heading east...part one

A while back, Lonnie mentioned that he would like to go visit the NRA Museum in Virginia. It came up again recently when we were discussing possibly taking a driving trip while the fall leaves are so colorful.

After doing a little research online and with tour books and maps from AAA, we mapped out a six day driving and sightseeing trip that would include a visit to the museum.

Our first stop was an unplanned one. It was the West Virginia State Capitol Building in Charleston.

 You can see the 23 karat gold leaf trimmed dome as you are driving in on I-64. It is right near the exit, so it's easy to stop and tour the building.   And no, we didn't have to walk up all those steps. There is a side entrance on the lower level.

There were no guided tours, but a map from the information desk showed what parts were open to the public (free of charge too!).

First, you have to go to the rotunda and look up into the dome.  Oooooh!

Next, up to the second level...

We were also allowed to look into the House and Senate rooms. They were very similar, and beautifully ornate.

Those columns are solid marble and weigh 34 tons each!

These outdoor columns supporting the portico weigh 86 tons each.

There were statues and portraits and plaques to read and learn more, as well as a small museum on the grounds...but it was time for us to get back on the road.

It was well worth the time spent and a good place to take a break from driving. 

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