Friday, October 24, 2014

fall cleaning

Here it is...window washing month already. I like to do this job in April and October.
It's mostly too cool for bugs in those months...and also snakes...which I am a little concerned about when I have to get behind the shrubs when I wash these front windows.

There was no snake problem, but after I finished and was sweeping cobwebs from around the front door frame...there was suddenly a really strong skunk odor!  I didn't see a skunk anywhere but I think there must be one living under the porch. I guess he wasn't happy with all the activity out there!

A couple of times in the past we have had a horrible and lasting skunk smell in the house in the dead of winter. We were worried that one had somehow got in the basement, but never found anything down there.
Later we decided there must have been one under the front porch. 
Whew, the smell was in the house for days!
This time it was just a small warning shot and not the whole arsenal!


This is unrelated (not about skunks) but later, while washing the kitchen windows I happened to think..."It's been awhile since I cleaned behind the fridge and vacuumed the coils".

Well....maybe a really long time!

Oh dear!  Out of sight - out of mind, you know! Time to drag out the shop-vac.

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