Monday, October 20, 2014

what I have been working on

Even though I haven't finished binding the crib quilt I was working on, I started cutting for the next one.
It was because Lonnie woke up early one morning and had coffee made when I got up, so I poured a cup and started cutting out some shapes at the kitchen counter.

Well, I should have just stayed in bed because I cut 144 side triangles  from colored fabrics that were supposed to be cut from white for the pattern I wanted.

I didn't realize until I started sewing a block together.

It's not a real big deal though because I was cutting from some of my small pieces...trying to get a nice variety of brights. I will figure out some way to use them eventually.

The good part of the whole thing is that it will be much quicker cutting them from white...because there is no right or wrong side of the they can be flipped to go on either side of the large triangle.

  When I was mistakenly cutting from colored fabrics I was being careful to get an equal number of right facing and left facing ones. 
All for naught!

This time, I only cut a few then stopped to put together a block to be sure everything would go together correctly. 
This is the way it's supposed to look...

I learned I will need to be careful ironing these too. They can get stretched out easy because of those bias sides of the triangles!


  1. Your 54-40 or Fight blocks look great both ways!

    1. Thanks Nann! This is the first time I've made these blocks. I like them and they are easier than I expected.

  2. And be sure to hang on to the miscut pieces because you can always use them in another project and won't have to cut at all. :-) Beautiful block.

    1. Thank you Gari! I will hang on to those. Maybe I will be able to work them into a border on this quilt...or another!