Saturday, October 4, 2014

guaranteed to crack

Winter before last, when we first talked to the pool company about putting in our new pool, I asked the representative if there would be any guarantee on the surrounding concrete.

"Yes", he said, ".... It's guaranteed to crack"

Well, he was true to his word and we have a few small cracks.

We wanted to get some filler in them before winter to prevent water from freezing in the cracks and making them bigger.
Lonnie picked up a bottle of cement crack filler at Lowes and on a warm sunny day, we went through a trial and error system of figuring out how to apply it.

The words "self leveling" on the bottle are a bit misleading. You might think you could just squeeze it over the crack and it would settle down in there.

No, you have to mash it in there with a small trowel (or a large screwdriver if you are too lazy to go look for your small trowel).

After that I lightly swept a towel over the filler to sort of feather the edges into the concrete.

It might lighten up and blend in more as it dries. Even if it doesn't, it's still better than a huge crack.

But really, if concrete people don't have to guarantee their work, then what motivates them to do their best job?

It seems like I talk about concrete a lot, doesn't it?

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