Friday, October 10, 2014

all day sewing

One of the quilt groups I belong to, Mt Washington Quilting Bees, had made arrangements with the extension office to use their large rooms to have an all day sewing day.

We had use of the room from 9am to 9pm!

Everyone brought tote bags full of stuff to work on. Some did hand work...appliqueing and hand quilting...

that's our extension agent, Ruth, standing

Most brought their sewing machines...

There were ironing boards  and irons there for us to use and also a counter height cutting table.

One of the ladies brought her granddaughter for a few hours...

The owner of the local quilt shop brought a few items to sell in case anyone forgot anything. She also did a demonstration.

One of the members of our group was selling some of her excess fabric cheap...and then donating the proceeds to a community charity.

And we all brought food for a potluck lunch and dinner....

there were a few case we started feeling a little bit peaked in the afternoon...

Altogether, there were about 29 of us there. Some stayed a few hours - some left and came back. There were still quite a few sewing when I left around 7:30 pm.

We might have done more talking and eating than sewing...but it was a fun time. Several ladies said they would like to do this a couple of times a year.  
I suggested that maybe January and July would be good months to put it on the schedule. When it's so cold or so hot that you don't mind spending a day inside.

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