Monday, October 6, 2014

memorial quilts

One of the quilting groups I belong to, Mt Washington Quilting Bees, has a tradition of members making blocks for "Memorial Quilts".

The way it works is; each member makes a block using this pattern and puts their name and date of birth on it. When enough blocks are finished (16), they are sewn together into a small quilt. Currently there are 3 complete quilts and some extra blocks that will go into a fourth one.

When a member passes away, the quilt with her block is displayed at the funeral home during visitation,then returned to our group afterwards.

I hid last names here for privacy

We can add any information we want to on our block. Some have just their birth year, some include the month and day, some have the town where they were born.

 Many are embroidered but it's okay to write the info...these quilts won't be used and laundered.

When this tradition was started, the blocks were to be sewn with only blue fabrics, but the the rule was relaxed and any color is okay.

 Of course, someone else has to fill in your date of passing. I believe a few blocks are just filled in completely for a deceased member.

These quilts are a good idea because it's something representing our group at each funeral, without the huge expense of sending flowers.

Very sweet in a sad way.

You won't see my name on there.  I am not going to make would give me an ominous feeling.

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