Saturday, October 25, 2014

praying mantis

This handsome fellow was nearly ran over when I pulled in the driveway. I didn't notice him until I was getting out of the Jeep.

He was nice sized! About the length of an ink pen. I just do not like seeing all those legs...and it's creepy the way they swivel their heads around to look at you.

I tried to pick one up one time when I was a kid (someone told me you could). I grabbed him by the back and he swiveled his little alien looking head around and bit my finger!

are you lookin' at me?

But let's look at something more pleasant. I have a couple of plants that decided to bloom again before cold weather.
A miniature rose....

And a clematis...

The Magnolia tree is pretty this time of year with their red seeds peeking out.

Wouldn't they make a pretty arrangement with these Juniper berries?

I will just enjoy them on the tree!   The birds will appreciate them this winter.

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