Tuesday, October 28, 2014

quilting and the internet

Earlier this year, when I finished up this quilt using this pattern called "Bear's Paw" or "Barrister's Block", I posted pictures of it here on my blog....and also on an internet message board for quilters (HGTV).

It's a place where everything to do with quilting is discussed and everyone shares pictures of what they are working on.

About a month ago, I received a message from a quilter named Susan, who also posts on that message board.

She told me that when she saw my quilt she was inspired to make one like it. Susan especially liked the name "Barrister's Block" because she had an attorney friend that she would be giving it to...as a thank-you gift for some work he had done for them at no charge.

Her message was funny, because she said she had been talking to me out loud as she was cutting out all those pieces!  This just tickled me since I had no idea that someone I didn't even know was talking to me from somewhere else.

I was anxious to see her interpretation of this pattern. Just the other day she posted a picture of her finished quilt. Wow! It is a beauty!

quilt made by Susan

Aren't those warm chocolatey browns and darker colors so snuggly and peaceful looking? Can't you just imagine curling up under that quilt for a nap in front of a fireplace?

Now I am inspired by Susan's quilt. I would like to try making something using color choices like hers!

Thank you, Susan...for the funny story and the inspiration!

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