Friday, May 8, 2015

a visit to Yew Dell Gardens

Earlier this week we took a drive over to Crestwood KY to visit Yew Dell Gardens.

The property used to be the home and nursery of Theodore Klein, an internationally known nurseryman, and his family. After his death, funds were raised to buy the property and run it as a non profit garden conservancy.  
They have a horticulture education program but the grounds are open to the public ( $7 adults $5 seniors).

We followed a meandering path around the gardens. Lots of things blooming at this time of year.
There are several buildings, like this castle, which is not as big as it looks.
It was used as a pool house by the Klein family and is really only about the sized of a house.

One of the other buildings had a "green" roof.  Plants were growing there!

why yes, he is thrlled to be here.

You could go off the paths and stroll through the trees. There were lots of unusual evergreens, lots of blooming trees, an eye-pleasing mix of leaf colors and shapes!  Benches were placed in shady spots so you could take a rest and admire the view.

Lonnie likes the look of  trees planted in a formation like this. He was trying to figure out how we could work this idea into our home landscape.

I like a more natural look but visiting this arboretum did give me a lot of landscape ideas...tree and plant combinations...creating privacy with plantings and so forth.

It wasn't quite as big or elaborate as I expected though. Their website "oversells" the place a bit.
I am glad we got to go there but I probably wouldn't go back.

I am still in a mood to see more gardens/ nurseries/ arboretums.  
Where can I drag my poor husband off to next?

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