Saturday, May 16, 2015

layered taco salad/dip

This isn't exactly a salad, but it doesn't seem like it should be called a dip either...even though you eat it on Doritos.  You have to sort of shovel it on the chips with a maybe it is a salad.

Spread warmed refried beans on a platter, then top with a thin layer of salsa.

The next layer is taco meat.  I used a packet of taco seasoning prepared as directed on the packet, but I used ground turkey.  Top that with shredded cheddar.

 Generously smear sour cream over the shredded cheese layer, then pile on shredded lettuce.

Finish off with diced tomatoes and onions, then spot a few jalapeno slices around on top.
Serve with Doritos.

It was a lovely afternoon so we decided to eat out by the pool.  There is my husband with the umbrella opened and the table set!

We like to eat outside or in the screen porch unless it is really hot and humid. The meal seems more leisurely and relaxed.

Except today, a wasp kept buzzing around us. He might have had a nest in the folds of the umbrella that he was trying to defend. No stings though.

But back to the taco salad...leftovers can go in the fridge, but it does get a little watery. 
It's good cold or you can spread it back out on a plate, microwave to take the chill off and hide it under a fresh pile of shredded lettuce. It's still tasty but not something you could serve a guest.

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