Thursday, May 7, 2015

got the borders on the quilt

It seems like it's taking me forever to finish up this little quilt.  I finally got the borders sewn on.  I had hesitated for a few days because I was considering buying more of the dark blue fabric for the outer border.

But I decided to just go with what I had enough of...which was the lighter blue check...and now I like it just fine.  I did put some colored patches in the corners to fancy it up. (well I chopped the corners off in the photo, but you can sort of see them in the farther away corners)

Now, I need to press it, then pin baste it for quilting.

I am planning to use a swirly quilting pattern to compliment the swirly print in the dark blue fabric.  I practiced on paper.  The paper on the left is the stipple that I usually do. On the right is the swirls.
I'll do some more paper practice before get started quilting.

This is the fabric I will be using for the back.  I was thinking it had an 'outer space' theme but it turns out to be  'superheros', which is just fine for a boy quilt anyway.


Speaking of which...the baby boy was born earlier this week!
Now that I am under pressure to finish, maybe it will go more quickly!     

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