Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bullitt County Tourism Day

Members of my quilting group, Mt Washington Quilting Bees were asked to set up a small display at the Bullitt County Welcome Center to help promote tourism in our area.

The Bees don't actually have a place that tourists can visit.  But we can be friendly and welcoming and it's a good opportunity to show off our quilts!

Four of us had plenty of quilts of all kinds and sizes to set up a not-so-small display.
That's Joyce on the left, then Bobbie, me, and Sandy.
Sandy is always ready with everything we need to set up a booth like this. She brings racks,easels, table and chairs, hangers, safety pins, tape, name it...she has it!

One of my favorite quilts there was this "bookshelf" quilt that Bobbie made.  It has the "bug jars" on the shelves. She designed it and won a ribbon in the state fair last summer.

Also at the welcome center was our well known, local basket weaving lady, Madonna. She is so talented...her baskets are all perfect works of art!

Outside there were musicians. This lady was half of a very talented duo...but when I slipped outside to take a photo her partner had stepped away for a minute.It was a hot day and they later had to move in to the shade.

There was also a representative from a local winery and folks from the County Tourism Department to greet travelers and hand out info.  

We just spent the day chatting with anyone interested in quilts and quilting, demonstrating different types of hand piecing and quilting, and also asking visitors about where they were traveling to and from.

We had a group photo when a couple of our local political figures arrived to deliver speeches.
That's County Judge Executive Melanie Roberts third from left. On the far right is State Representative Linda Belcher.  Both, very nice and gracious ladies.

It was a fun day, we enjoyed talking about quilting to the travelers and also among ourselves and we were treated to pizza and drinks by the tourism department.  
The time passed so quickly and before we knew it it was time to pack up for the day.
We'll go back next year with more quilts!

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