Monday, May 18, 2015

quilting the crib quilt

This "Shimmering Stars" quilt is getting closer to being finished.  I had been working on it  for ten or fifteen minutes at a time...whenever I pass by the sewing room.
Then we had a couple of rainy days in a row, and rainy days are good sewing days, so I made some real progress.

Anyway, I had posted a few days ago that I wanted to try to quilt it with a swirled design - to go along with the swirls in the dark blue fabric.

I am having fairly good luck with swirls but they look nothing like the ones in the fabric. It doesn't matter though, I still like it.

The next step is trimming the sides and squaring the corners.  The binding is ready to go - made from scraps of the fabrics in the quilt...multi-color.

I am in the "home stretch" with this little quilt!

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