Friday, May 15, 2015

what's blooming around the yard

All the plants that seem to "hurry up and bloom" as soon as the weather warms up, have put on their show for the year. Now  we are seeing the late spring bloomers!

These Bleeding Hearts are a little slower to fully bloom...

These larger Purple Iris bloom after the smaller ones are finished. They have beautiful and long lasting blooms as long as I don't let them get too crowded. They are standing up nicely this year. Some years, if we have a lot of wind and rain, they flop over.

The ants have done their job...tap, tap, tapping on the Peony buds until they open up.

They look especially good this year because they haven't been beat down by rain.

Some plants have had a rough winter. The Mimosa tree is dead, but I think they grow fast and have a short life.

The Azaleas that were here when we moved in, look like they almost bit the dust. See at the bottom? Just a couple of branches with leaves and blooms. 

These Leland Cyprus were killed by a blight. I tried to trim off the affected branches last spring  - but that didn't stop it. They will have to be cut down (they're only about 8 feet tall so it's not a huge problem).

I have noticed other Leland Cyprus along the road that look like they have the same problem. They must be prone to getting this blight.. 

I am not sure if I will replace these with something else, or leave it empty for awhile.  I'll keep my eyes peeled for something suitable!

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